Based on the premise that national, regional and international security are closely connected, this research area covers a wide range of geographic and thematic topics. Greek foreign and security policy and Greece’s role in the European security architecture and the Mediterranean are priorities at the centre of this research cluster. The Cyprus issue and Greek-Turkish relations in view of Turkey’s EU vocation and the consequent changes in its society, politics and foreign policy constitute the fundamental  pillars of this research area.

Furthermore, ELIAMEP explores a number of thematic and functional issues. Good governance, energy security, and asymmetric threats, such as international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, or transnational criminal networks, are studied in terms of the new challenges these pose for the security sector.

In parallel, ELIAMEP’s projects address political and security developments as well as regional cooperation in Southeastern Europe, the future of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP), and other initiatives, such as the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) as well as the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). Activities include expert meetings, workshops and conferences, conflict resolution and training seminars, working and policy papers and cooperation among networks of institutes.

Research is conducted on the grounds of specific areas and themes. In particular, ELIAMEP runs the following Programmes:

Within the Framework of its co-operation with International Alert and Early Working ELIAMEP also organised the 2012 Halki International Seminar dealing with the media in South-Eastern Europe.