In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Filippos Proedrou,  Lecturer of Politics and International Relations in City College, Thessaloniki, argues that while the global economic crisis has overshadowed most policy-making within the Eurozone, energy security remains a major issue, where Russia holds a special weight. The present ELIAMEP Thesis examines the discourse in EU policy-making circles with regard to Russia and its role as a natural gas provider, on the presumption that whilst the oil market is global, natural gas markets are regional.

Although LNG creates potential for the creation of a global gas market, gas trade remains, basically, pipeline-bound and shortages can thus not easily be substituted by other sources. Hence, EU-Russia gas trade carries more weight within their bilateral relationship. This essay aims to clarify the misperceptions haunting EU energy policy and to suggest a more rational working framework. Such a re-conceptualization carries with it major revisions for EU energy policy-making.


Filippos Proedrou, EU energy security and Russia: a re-conceptualization of threats and policy priorities, ELIAMEP Thesis 2/2010, April 2010

Filippos Proedrou

Lecturer of Politics and International Relations in City College, Thessaloniki