In the latest issue of ELIAMEP Thesis, Dr. Thanos Dokos evaluates the position and role of Russia in the new geopolitical environment adopting the position that despite the difference of views on several issues, Russia is an indispensable strategic partner. Europe should therefore find a way to establish a mutually beneficial strategic relationship with Russia; if not, the cost both of a confrontation and of missed opportunities would be considerable for both sides. As far as Greek-Russian relations are concerned, the cooperation on energy matters with Russia places Greece on the ‘energy-map’ – although on a secondary role. On the bilateral level there is significant room for further improvement on the relations between Athens and Moscow on a number of areas. The deepening of Greek-Russian relations should be viewed as a complementary rather that as an alternative strategic choice, in relation to our country’s existing European and Euro-Atlantic orientation.


Thanos Dokos,  Russia’s ‘regeneration’ and the perspectives for the Greek-Russian relations, ELIAMEP Thesis 3/2010, September 2010

Thanos Dokos

ELIAMEP’s General Director and Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Turkish and Contemporary Asian Studies of the University of Athens