THEODOROPOULOSThe present collective volume Vyron Theodoropoulos, the diplomat and teacher is dedicated to the work and life of Ambassador Vyron Theodoropoulos, special advisor and member of the Honorary Council of ELIAMEP.
In recognition of his contribution to Greek diplomacy and the study of Greek foreign policy, European and international affairs this honorary volume includes interesting essays by: Alivizatos Nikos, Afentouli Ino, Diamandouros Nikiforos, Zepos Ioannis, Zepos Kostas, Ioakimidis Panayiotis, Kazakos Panos, Kodogiorgis Giorgos, Couloumbis Theodore, Lyberopoulos Konstantinos, Ntalis Sotiris, Dokos Thanos, Economides Spyros, Papagiannidis Antonis, Rozakis Christos, Svolopoulos Konstantinos, Someritis Richardos, Tsoukalis Loukas, Filon Alexandros, Fragakis Nikos
Vyron Theodoropoulos had a very successful career in the diplomatic corps. In his 35 years of service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he undertook vital posts, lived through great and difficult moments of the Greek foreign policy and was substantially involved, himself, in the formation and implementation of this policy. He contributed, in other words, to the gradual transformation of the country from an object of the European and international diplomacy to one of their subjects.

Title Vyron Theodoropoulos the diplomat and teacher: essays in the footprints of his thought
Author Collective, Sotiris Ntalis (ed.)
Edition Foreign Ministry’s Centre for Analysis and Planning and Papazisis, 2010