Professor Anna Triandafyllidou heads the Research Area on Cultural Pluralism at the Global Governance Programme of the European University Institute (Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies). Before joining the Global Governance Programme in October 2012, she was part time professor at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies specialising on migration issues (2010-2012).

A Senior Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in Athens in the period 2004-2012, she headed a successful migration research team coordinating a dozen international externally-funded research projects on various migration management and migrant integration topics. She is Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges since 2002. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies.

Professor Triandafyllidou received her Ph.D. from the EUI in 1995 and held teaching and research positions in Europe and North America: at the University of Surrey (1994-95), the London School of Economics (1995-97), the Italian National Research Council (CNR) in Rome (1997-99), the EUI (1999-2004) and the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece (2007-2010, now on long term unpaid leave). She was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at New York University in 2001, and a Colston Fellow at the University of Bristol (2001-2002).

She serves as national expert in the OECD Network of International Migration Experts (formerly SOPEMI) and acts as scientific evaluator of research grants for the European Research Council (Advanced / Consolidator / and Starting Grants), the Research Framework Programmes of the European Commission (FP5, FP6, FP7, FP8), the European Science Foundation, the Norface ERA-NET network, and several national research agencies (of Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland). She is a peer-reviewer for many international high quality journals in the wider area of migration, nationalism, sociology and political science. She is a member of the International Advisory Board of Nations and Nationalism and a member of the Editorial Board of Ethnicities. She reviews book proposals for most major Anglophone social science publishers (Palgrave, Routledge, Ashgate, Oxford University Press, Springer). She also serves as International Reference panel member for the Australian government’s research programme on irregular migration.

Her main areas of research and teaching are the governance of cultural diversity, questions of democracy and nationalism, and migration, in a European and international perspective. Over the past 15 years, she received funding from the European Commission (DG Research; DG Empl, DG Home, DG Justice), the International Metropolis Network, the European Science Foundation, the G.S. for Research in Greece, the Open Society Foundations and co-ordinated a number of major international research projects in these research areas. Her publications include more than 100 articles in refereed journals and chapters in collective volumes, five authored books and 15 edited and co-edited volumes.

Her recent books include: Muslims in 21st Century Europe (2010, ed. Routledge), Irregular Migration in Europe: Myths and Realities (2010, ed. Ashgate), European Multiculturalism(s) (with T. Modood and N. Meer, 2011, eds. Edinburgh University Press), Migrant Smuggling. Irregular Migration from Africa and Asia to Europe (co-authored with T. Maroukis, 2012, Palgrave); Irregular Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe: Who Cares? (2013, ed., Ashgate); Circular Migration between Europe and its Neighbourhood. Choice or Necessity? (2013, ed., Oxford University Press); The Greek Crisis and Modernity in Europe (with R. Gropas and H. Kouki, eds, Palgrave, 2013, also in Greek, by Kritiki publishers); European Immigration: A Sourcebook (with R. Gropas, eds, Ashgate, 2014, second edition); Employers, Agencies and Migration: Paying for Care (with S. Marchetti, eds, Ashgate, 2014), High Skill Migration and Recession: Gendered Perspectives (with I. Isaaakyan, eds, Palgrave), What is Europe? (co-authored with R. Gropas, 2015, Palgrave); The Routledge Handbook on Immigration and Refugee Studies (Routledge, 2015, ed.); The Financial Crisis and Paradigm Shift (with R. Gropas and P. Iglesias, eds, 2016).