The results of the POLITIS project have been published in two volumes.

The first volume was edited by Anna Triandafyllidou and Ruby Gropas and provides for an overview and comparison of the migration experiences and policies in the EU 25 member states.

Anna Triandafyllidou and Ruby Gropas (eds) (2007) European Immigration: A Sourcebook (Flyer)

Who are Europe’s immigrants?

This innovative volume provides a comprehensive overview of the immigration situation in all 25 EU countries. Each chapter is written by a national expert and follows a common structure, allowing direct comparisons to be made between countries. Chapters provide a clear focus in terms of the methods used, data collected, literature reviewed and research questions addressed, and draw on hard-to-obtain material, including sources not previously published in English.

Each chapter concludes with a critical assessment of the present migration situation of the country in question and its future prospects. Substantive introductory and concluding chapters offer a general overview of immigration in Europe, which complements and contextualizes the analytical and comparative insights of the individual countries.

The first reference volume to provide comprehensive coverage of the EU, European Immigration will be an essential addition to library collections and to individual scholars and policy makers in the field.

The second volume presents the comparative findings of the project regarding the factors that affect immigrant civic activism as well as the modes and nature of immigrant participation in civic life in European societies.

Vogel, Dita (ed) (2008) Highly Active Immigrants. A Resource for European Civil Societies. Brussels: Peter Lang. (Flyer)