Filippa Chatzistavrou is a lawyer and has a PhD in Political Science (University of Paris I – Sorbonne). She is research fellow at ELIAMEP, adjunct lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens and research associate in the Institute of European Integration and Policy of the University of Athens. Currently, she is visiting Lecturer in the Institute of Political Sciences in Strasbourg (SC-PO). She is the coordinator and senior researcher on behalf of ELIAMEP of the project ‘Towards a Citizens Union‘.

She was a research associate in the Group of European political sociology GSPE-CNRS (University of Strasbourg) and member of the Centre for Comparative Analysis of Political Systems (CACSP, University of PARIS I – Sorbonne). She has previously taught in the University Paris VII Denis-Diderot and the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris (SC-PO). She has many publications in the area of EU institutional governance theory, national dimension of the euro crisis, political sociology of EU actors and national coordination of EU policies.