“Time will show the importance of the aforementioned shifts in EU politics and also test the soundness of the foundations of the EMU as a zone of cooperation, where member states can effectively defend the rights flowing from their membership of the euro area and the EU.

But if there is one thing that the various and fragmented interests may agree on is that Syriza has managed to ‘Europeanise’ the Greek question. This is a real success. Syriza’s contribution, and perhaps legacy, lies in the notion that the Greek crisis is a European crisis and should therefore be resolved within the EU by a reformed and socially sensitive EU. The high-risk political activism undertaken by Syriza’s leadership in the first half of 2015 has (re)opened the debate about what kind of Europe we live in, and contributed to the creation of a discourse in Europe that has so far been the preserve of established elites.”


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