Thanos P. Dokos received his Ph.D. in International Relations from Cambridge University and has held research posts at HSFK (Frankfurt, 1989-90) and the Center for Science and International Affairs (CSIA) at Harvard University (1990-91). He served as the Director for Research, Strategic Studies Division, Hellenic Ministry of National Defence (1996-98) and as an Advisor on NATO issues to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1998-1999). He served as the Director-General of ELIAMEP. He has taught at the Universities of Athens and Piraeus, the Hellenic National Defence College, the Diplomatic Academy and the Hellenic National Security School. His research interests include global trends, international security, Greek-Turkish relations & Mediterranean security.

Selected recent publications include:

  • The Eastern Mediterranean and the Gulf region in 2020, German Marshall Fund, Brussels, 2011
  • Energy developments and Greek foreign policy: The Southern Gas Corridor as a major opportunity for Greece (with Theodore Tsakiris), ELIAMEP Policy Papers, Athens, February 2012;
  • Iran’s Nuclear Propensity: The Probability of Nuclear Use, EU Non-Proliferation Consortium, Non-Proliferation Papers, March 2014
  • How the EU Got it so Wrong in Ukraine, ‘Europe’s World’, April 2014
  • Would GREXIT be a geopolitical disaster, Strategic Europe, Carnegie Europe, June 17, 2015
  • Energy Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Role of Greece, Tel Aviv University, February 2016
  • White Paper for Greek Foreign, Defence and Security policy (ed., in Greek, 2016)
  • The limited geopolitical reflexes of the European Union in the context of the Greek, Cypriot and Ukrainian crisis in ‘Le Rapport Schuman sur l’Europe, l’état de l’Union 2016’, Paris, 2016
  • “The Eastern Mediterranean in 2020: Possible Scenarios and Policy Recommendations” (ed.), ELIAMEP-KAS Policy Paper, April 2016
  • Greece: Both a Transit and a Host Country in Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.), “Escaping the Escape. Toward Solutions for the Humanitarian Migration Crisis”, 2016
  • The EU and the Western Balkans as a Single Security Space in ‘Resilience in the Western Balkans’, EUISS Report, September 2017
  • Greece in Bartles, Kellner & Optenhoegel (eds), ‘Strategic Autonomy and the Defence of Europe’, Dietz, Bonn, 2017
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