The Migration Programme conducts research and develops empirically based policy recommendations on migration and asylum issues. The programme will focus on migration and asylum practices and policies in the EU, Greece but also beyond, looking at the relevant countries of origin and transit. The programme seeks to situate the research not only at the regional but also international and intercontinental levels, acknowledging that what unfolds at the EU level is part of the global governance of human mobility.  The aim is to contribute to the development of sustainable policy approaches on migration and asylum, promote a constructive dialogue on migration at the EU level, and a positive discussion on migration within Greece.

The Programme undertakes a multidisciplinary approach to migration, looking at the political, socio-economic but also legal aspects that shape migration and asylum policies, from the reform of the Common European Asylum System to the foreign policy of migration with countries of origin and transit, the issue of return as well as legal pathways of migration and asylum.

Experts, Migration

Dia Anagnostou
Senior Research Fellow, Gender Politics and Gender Equality, Human Rights, Immigration, Minorities, International Courts and Governance, Southeast Europe
Emmanuel Comte
Senior Research Fellow
Angeliki Dimitriadi
Senior Research Fellow; Head of the Migration Programme, European Programme ‘Ariane Condellis’
Maria Gavouneli
Director General; Professor, Faculty of Law, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens
Eda Gemi
Research Associate; Associate Professor and Head of Law Department at the University of New York, Tirana
Research Associate, Migration
Cheryl Novak
Research Associate; Sustainability and Migration
Nicholas Sambanis
Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow, Security & Foreign Policy programme; Migration programme
Gerasimos Tsourapas
Non-Resident Research Fellow, Migration Programme