EPACE-EU (Enhancing Public Awareness and Civic Engagement in the EU) aims to increase citizens’ awareness and participation in deliberative democratic processes. The project seeks to increase the understanding by the citizens, especially young people, of the EU policy-making dynamics in an engaging and pedagogically appropriate way. In addition, EPACE-EU pursues to actively engage citizens in an open and participatory dialogue, to raise awareness and build knowledge on EU Institutions & policy making and at the same time to tackle disinformation and fake news in the media on European Union’s matters.

Τhe project’s activities comprise:

  • the Emerging Leadership Academy (ELA)
  • simulationexercises
  • publicagoras
  • tailor-made Seminars for professionals
  • an electronic game on the EU
  • an annual digital compilation (e-book) of ELIAMEP’s contributions to the European public dialogue.

In the framework of EPACE-EU, ELIAMEP will organise 7 training and educational activities (1 ELA, 2 simulation exercises, 1 Public Agora, and 3 tailor-made seminars), engaging directly more than 200 citizens.

ELIAMEP’s team:

Scientific Coordinator: Spyros Blavoukos

Georgia Apostolaki

Savvas Papadopoulos

Angelos Karayannopoulos

Odin Linardatou

Petros Karpathiou