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Call for Papers

The Crisis Observatory of the Hellenic Foundation of European & Foreign Policy and the  Europe Direct ELIAMEP Information Center launch a call for papers on “Economic Governance and Democratic Legitimacy in the European […]

Dr Thanos Dokos analyses on Carnegie Europe whether more European integration is required

The answer is an unequivocal yes. However, the Greek prime minister’s humiliating treatment during recent negotiations in Brussels (admittedly, to an extent the result of his own mistakes and those […]

The portrayal of SYRIZA in the Balkans

In the run up to the January 2015 elections, the South-East Europe Programme of ELIAMEP undertook an ambitious two part research study in an effort to analyse and document the […]

ELIAMEP joins the debate on the Ukrainian crisis

Twenty three years after the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet Union, tensions among the United States, Russia and the European Union on Ukraine are […]

Information for scholarships & grants on social sciences

Aiming at informing students and the academic community, in Greece and abroad, on existing & prospective scholarships & grants, the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) will systematically […]


Training Seminar on “Asylum Seekers, Victims of Human Trafficking or Both: Their Protection Status under the European Union and the Council of Europe”, 29 & 30/07/2015

Τhe A.I.R.E. Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe) and the Greek Council for Refugees (G.C.R.) in co-operation with the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) organise a […]

Associate Professor Dim. A. Sotiropoulos analyses negotiations between Greece and its creditors in The Book’s Journal

Associate Professor  at the University of Athens and  Senior Research Fellow at ELIAMEP Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos wrote an article in The Book’s Journal on negotiations between the Greek government and its creditors.  The […]

Border Criminology themed week on migrant crisis in Greece organised by Dr Angeliki Dimitriadi

Greece has emerged in recent years as a critical transit site for irregular migrants and asylum seekers that wish to continue to Northern Europe. Due largely to its geographical location, […]

Dr Thanos Dokos discusses the ‘Agreekment’ in Europe’s World

Quite a few Greeks, and probably a few other Europeans, are still trying to recover from the multiple shocks of the past few days: the results of the Greek referendum, […]

ELIAMEP glossary on migration

The purpose of this glossary is to contribute to the public debate on immigration by clarifying some basic concepts and terms that are widely used in Greece. The research team proceeded […]

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