Mediterranean Programme

The Mediterranean is Europe’s frontline to Africa and the Middle East, but it is poorly connected and its potential remains largely untapped.

Further, the region is defined by contrasts: The EU Med enjoys good governance and rule of law, whereas several other Mediterranean countries do not. This hinders progress, peace, and prosperity; it erodes security and undermines trade and investment; it fuels conflict, and promotes illegal migration.

ELIAMEP’s Mediterranean Programme is unique in that it seeks to understand these challenges by approaching the Mediterranean through the lens of connectivity. We believe that inter- and intraregional connectivity is key to tackling the region’s challenges, realizing its potential, and shaping its future.

Underpinning our belief that the Mediterranean’s challenges are interlinked we employ a holistic research approach combining socioeconomic, geostrategic, and trade analysis to provide incisive and informed policy recommendations.

ELIAMEP’s Mediterranean Programme focuses on the following thematics: Mediterranean connectivity; climate change and the relevance of the Mediterranean to the success of the EU Green Deal; gender, security and peace; trade, global and regional value chains; Mediterranean regional security and its relevance to Brussels, Washington, and Beijing.

Experts, Mediterranean Programme

Ioannis N. Grigoriadis
Senior Research Fellow, Head, Turkey Programme; Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
Isabelle Ioannides
Research Associate, EU foreign policy, EU enlargement, peace and security, geopolitics, Western Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean
Cleopatra Kitti
Senior Policy Advisor; Founder of the Mediterranean Growth Initiative
Georgios Christos Kostaras
Junior Research Fellow
Constantine Levoyannis
Researcher for the project “Winds of Change”: Can Renewable Energy shape a new geo-economic paradigm for the EU, Greece and its Neighbourhood?
Maria Logotheti
Senior Policy Advisor, Economist, Minister Counselor ad honorem
Panagiota Manoli
Research Fellow, Comparative regionalism; European Neighborhood Policy