Security & Foreign Policy

In the contemporary international environment, global, international, regional and national security are closely connected and are affected by various trends and drivers. In an effort to explore and better understand global and regional security dynamics, especially in Greece’s southeastern and northern neighborhoods, which remain regions of increased fluidity and instability, ELIAMEP has launched several projects on issues like the role of the EU in the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean, relations between the West and Russia, transatlantic relations, conflict resolution in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, energy, Black Sea-related developments, international terrorism, and radicalization prevention efforts. Of course, key issues for Greek foreign and security policy, like relations with Turkey, the Cyprus problem and the name issue with FYROM retain their high priority in the Foundation’s research agenda. ELIAMEP’s research maintains its policy-oriented character.

Experts in Security & Foreign Policy

Thanos DOKOS
Eleftherios ECONOMOU
General ret.,Chief Emeritus of the Hellenic Police Force, Former Minister of the Administrative of Public Order Ministry
Research Fellow
Evangelos Ilias-Tembos
Research Associate
Triandafyllos KARATRANTOS
(Ελληνικά) Ερευνητής
Panagiota MANOLI
Research Fellow
Theodoros TSAKIRIS
Research Fellow
Research Fellow