Culture, Identity & Religion

ELIAMEP is a budding hub for research on issues related to culture, identity and religion – all of which are deeply interconnected with politics in Greece, the Balkans, and undoubtedly in Europe and the world. 

 ELIAMEP has hosted a series of projects regarding Christian-Muslim relations, religious freedom in majority Orthodox countries (PLUREL), and religious freedom at the European Court of Human Rights (GRASSROOTSMOBILISE) 

Its topical ambit has further expanded to include questions of cultural heritage in relation to identity and politics (REPLICIAS). 

Experts in Culture, Identity & Religion

Kalliopi Amygdalou
Research Fellow Architecture and Ideology, Cultural Heritage
Natalia – Rozalia Avlona
Junior Research Fellow, TARGET project, Gender and Technology
Dia Anagnostou
Senior Research Fellow, Gender, Minorities, Theories of Nationalism, Southeastern and Eastern Europe
Effie Fokas
Senior Research Fellow, Religion; Religion & Law; Culture politics
Beáta Huszka
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, Southeast Europe; Minority issues in Central Eastern Europe and the Balkans
Anna Kandyla
Junior Research Fellow, Citizen participation in the EU policy setting; Democracy and public sphere; media policy
Evangelia Psychogiopoulou
Senior Research Fellow, EU Law, Cultural and Media policies, Human Rights, Institutional Aspects
Thanos Veremis
Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens, History, International Relations