In this IfP report, Ruby Gropas presents the factors that have influenced Greece’s approach to development and human security and identifies the areas where there is a need for further capacity-building both within the ODA system and among the Greek civil society sector. In the past decade, Greece has been transformed from a recipient of international and European aid into a donor country and has become particularly active in emergency humanitarian assistance. In order to meet its declared targets by 2010, however, priority lies in further developing an integrated, comprehensive and participatory approach to Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) and in tripling its current funding in this field.

In the present period of economic downturn, governments need to be encouraged not to shy away from their international commitments to fighting poverty and promoting human development, peace and security. In this context, therefore, a number of policy relevant recommendations are put forward for Greek and EU authorities and for the Greek NGO community active in the field of development co-operation and peacebuilding.

Title Ten years of Greek development cooperation and peacebuilding: challenges and recommendations
Author Ruby Gropas
Project Initiative for Peacebuiliding