On April 23rd 2009, Ruby Gropas presented the IfP country case study on ‘Ten Years of Greek Development Cooperation Policy and Peacebuilding: Challenges and Prospects.’ in Athens. The event was hosted at ELIAMEP as part of the ELIAMEP Research Seminars series and was attended by PhD researchers, journalists, migration and EU experts. This report was prepared in the context of IfP’s Capacity Building Cluster. To read the report click here.

The seminar concentrated on the evolution of Greek Overseas Development Assistance over the last decade, but also referred to some comparative findings with the case of Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. The discussion that followed focused on the challenges facing EU member states that are gradually changing from receivers to donors of ODA, the effects of the current financial crisis on ODA as well as on the concepts of peacebuilding, human security, development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.