South-East Europe Programme

The South-East Europe Programme of the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) was set up in 2011. Research and policy analysis on Balkan affairs has a long tradition in ELIAMEP going back to its founding in 1988. The Programme intends to follow that legacy of high quality scholarly and policy work.

The South-East Europe Programme publishes policy analyses and research findings through the standard publishing outlets of ELIAMEP. It also reaches wider audiences by publishing short articles and op-eds in prominent Greek and international media and its news are communicated to several thousand subscribers through the mailing lists of ELIAMEP and the South-East Europe Programme as well as through social media. Last but not least, the South-East Europe Programme is associated with the academic journal Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, published by ELIAMEP in partnership with Taylor & Francis.

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Experts in South-East Europe Programme

“STAVROS COSTOPOULOS” Senior Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Julianne FUNK
Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Research Fellow