South-East Europe Programme

The South-East Europe Programme of ELIAMEP was set up in 2011.  

Research and policy analysis on Balkan affairs has a long tradition in ELIAMEP going back to its early days in 1988 

The Programme intends to follow that legacy of highquality scholarly and policy work. 

The South-East Europe Programme publishes policy analyses and research findings through the standard publishing outlets of ELIAMEP. 

 It also reaches wider audiences by publishing short articles and op-eds in prominent Greek and international media and its news are communicated to several thousand subscribers through the mailing lists of ELIAMEP and the South-East Europe Programme as well as through social media.  

Last but not least, the South-East Europe Programme is associated with the academic journal Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, published by ELIAMEP in partnership with Taylor & Francis. 



Our multi-disciplinary academic journal publishes new research and comparative analyses on countries in Southeast Europe and the wider Black Sea region. Published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis in collaboration with ELIAMEP.

Latest issue 2023: Volume 23 (4)

This issue includes the special section “Battle for the European Union in the Periphery: Contestation Dynamics and Domestic Debates (LEAP)” by Ali Onur Özçelіk, Kadri Kaan Renda, Anthony Costello, covering the contested Europeanization in the European Periphery, including Hungary, Serbia, Georgia, and Turkey. Issue additionally covers the trajectory of the field of Balkan Southeast European studies, religion under communist rule in Albania, the dehumanization of Armenians in the speeches of Aliyev, genocide denialism in Turkey, history of Roma in Montenegro, party systems under autocratization, and Turkish international education aid.

Experts, South-East Europe Programme

Ioannis Alexandris
Research Fellow, South - East Europe Programme, EU Enlargement Policy, geo-economics, international trade & foreign direct investments in South-East Europe
Ioannis Armakolas
Senior Research Fellow, Head, South-East Europe Programme
Nikos Bakirtzis
Junior Research Fellow, South - East Europe Programme
Dimitar Bechev
Senior Research Fellow, Europe’s Eastern and Southern Neighborhood, Europe’s Foreign Policy
Jelena Dzankic
Senior Research Fellow, Southeast Europe Programme
Bledar Feta
Research Fellow, Foreign policy, domestic politics, human rights in South-East Europe
Julianne Funk
Research Fellow, South-East Europe Programme
Isabelle Ioannides
Senior Research Fellow, International peace and security, EU foreign policy, EU enlargement, Western Balkans, Eastern Mediterranean
Vasileios P. Karakasis
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Southeast Europe Programme
Alexandros Koutras
Junior Research Fellow; Project Manager South-East Europe Programme
Ana Krstinovska
Research Fellow, Southeast Europe Programme, foreign policy, international relations, contemporary China and EU-China-Western Balkans relations
Gentiola Madhi
Research Fellow, Southeast Europe Programme, EU enlargement, Western Balkans, regional cooperation, Berlin process, EU macro-regional strategy
Ritsa Panagiotou
Senior Research Fellow, South - East Europe Programme
Ιοannis Paparizos
Research Assistant, Southeast Europe Programme
Panagiotis Paschalidis
Research Fellow, Media representations of the Balkan region
Çelik Rruplli
Research Fellow, Southeast Europe Programme, media analysis, foreign and security policies, human rights.
Aleksandra Spasovska
Junior Research Fellow, South - East Europe Programme
Evangelos Tembos
Research Associate; Expert-Minister, Counsellor, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union & European Defence Policy
Alexandra Voudouri
Research Fellow, Journalist, media analysis, Foreign & European affairs policies