The Mediterranean Growth Initiative was developed in 2015 and launched in Brussels in January 2016. It is the one-stop hub for information on the Mediterranean, providing direct access to data and analysis covering all countries in the region.

  • Regional lens: is the only data and analysis platform focusing on the Mediterranean as a region. Data based evidence is critical to governance, policy making and investment decisions giving context to opportunity and risk. To offer a regional lens, data is uniquely aggregated using cutting edge methodologies.
  • Methodology: We use cutting edge techniques, combining human and artificial intelligence, to develop agenda-free analysis offered to users. Powered by Alma Economics.
  • Proprietary: Our proprietary Mediterranean Economic Prospects Index (MEPI) provides a benchmarking tool combining complex information into a single index gauging the economic prospects of the different countries of the Med.
  • Endorsements & Networks: Endorsed by the World Bank in our MoU with the Center for Mediterranean Integration; contributor to Bloomberg’s survey of professional forecasters.