The Transatlantic Periscope is an interactive, multimedia tool that brings together expert commentary, high-quality media coverage, official policy documents, quantitative data, social media posts, and gray literature.

This platform uses an innovative, multifaceted methodology to collect its wide array of important news, opinion and analysis about the transatlantic relationship. The methodology incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and human curation by leading international affairs experts. With a focus on the bilateral relationships between the United States, and European Union member states, and the United Kingdom, the AI feature identifies content based on a set of select, geopolitical keywords and concepts. The Bertelsmann Foundation is partnering with in-country experts from respected research organizations and academic institutions for the human element. Curation partners manually publish and refine the platform’s content by reviewing the AI-identified material and making a final determination about its inclusion. ELIAMEP participates in this project as the curation partner for Greece.

Curation Partners:

The German Marshall Fund of the United States, Paris Office (GMF Paris), France

University College Dublin (UCD) Clinton Institute, Ireland

Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Greece

The Centre for International Relations (CIR), Poland

The Elcano Royal Institute, Spain

Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

ELIAMEP project team:

George Pagoulatos, Director General

Elena Lazarou, Research Fellow

Athina Fatsea, Project Manager

You can find more information at the following link: 

News & Media:

«Οι σχέσεις Ελλάδας – ΗΠΑ, στα μισά της προεδρίας του Μπάιντεν», 2.11.2022

Οι σχέσεις Ελλάδας-ΗΠΑ, στα μισά της προεδρίας του Μπάιντεν -Εκδήλωση του ΕΛΙΑΜΕΠ την Πέμπτη, 2.11.2022