Athens 12 January 2006

ELIAMEP organised a panel discussion on “The Search for a European Identity” organized in collaboration with the Institute of Greek – German Relations of the University of Athens.

Official greeting were made by Prof. Yiannis Valinakis, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Athens, Prof. Michael Dermitzakis, Vice Rector for Financial Affairs and Development, and Ambassador of the Austrian Embassy in Athens Dr. Herbert Kröll.

The panel was represented by Prof. Dr. Heinrich Neisser, University of Innsbruck, Dr. Erhard Busek, Former Federal Vice-Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, Former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Hannes Farnleitner, Prof. Panagiotis Kazakos, University of Athens, Prof. Loukas Tsoukalis, President of the board of Directors of ELIAMEP, and Prof. Panagiotis Ioakeimidis, University of Athens.

The discussion was moderated by Prof. Theodore Couloumbis, Director General of ELIAMEP.