Long on policies but short on politics

In his article “Long on policies but short on politics” in Europe’s World (Spring 2007), Prof. Loukas Tsoukalis argues that the EU needs a breath of political fresh air. European politicians need to translate complex issues into simple language if the EU is to recover its popular support, says the President of ELIAMEP, and having the MEPs elect the Commission’s President would be a start.

A global and political Europe

Prof. Loukas Tsoukalis argues that a global and more political Europe is not the same as a European superpower or a superstate. However, the best way Europe can defend the interests and values of its citizens is through common European action. To this end, Europe needs more Europe-wide debates on issues that are dealt with at the European level and politicians who will clearly articulate political choices. Further politicization of European integration is an essential pre-condition of its development.

IGC Updates during the Italian Presidency
This initiative takes the form of regular updates on the Intergovernmental Conference on the European Constitution. It reviews the topics discussed in the IGC meetings at ministerial or Heads of State level and focuses on the divisions and alliances between Member States on specific issues. The positions of the European Commission and the European Parliament are also considered.

IGC Updates during the Irish Presidency I

IGC Updates during the Irish Presidency II

Developments in the EU in 2003
This paper examines the developments in the European Union in 2003 on enlargement, the Constitutional Treaty, the Stability and Growth Pact and the future of Europe’s external relations.

The debate in Greece and the Convention
In the first half of 2003 and during the Greek Presidency of the Council, ELIAMEP followed the developments of the Convention on the Future of Europe and the Greek positions that were articulated during this period. Two seminars were organised within the framework of the EPIN – Prince Network and the teleconference debate ‘Hearing from Europe’ was organised with Friends of Europe.