Under the auspices of the Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis, ELIAMEP with the ParticipatEU program, in collaboration with the Climate Change Hub, and EUROPE DIRECT SOUTHERN AEGEAN are organizing an open discussion entitled “European Pathways of Sustainability, Sustainable Development in Syros,” providing an excellent opportunity for dialogue and exchange of views ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections on June 9.  

The discussion aims to focus on issues of Sustainability and Sustainable Development, which are priorities not only for the European Union but also for the local community of Syros. With distinguished guests, from various fields, including environmental policy, economic development, and social responsibility, attendees will have the opportunity to explore aspects of sustainable development in Syros and the Cyclades. Additionally, they will learn about successful models from other Greek islands such as Astypalea and Chalki, as well as the European Union’s contribution to the stakes of the European Elections.  

The timing of the discussion, a few days before the European elections, adds particular significance to the opportunity for citizens to examine how their political choices may influence the relevant direction of the Union.  

Overall, this open discussion provides a valuable opportunity for information, discource, and contribution to shaping a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Europe, their own local community, and the Cyclades region as a whole. 

The event -in Greek- will take place on 29/04/2024 at the Conference Hall of the Chamber of Cyclades, Valma Building, 6 Agiou Nikolaou Street (near the ‘Apollon’ Theater), Ermoupoli, Syros. 

The project is co-funded by the EU. 

You may find the agenda in Greek here.