As the European Union gets ready to take in new members, What Kind of Europe? pinpoints the crucial issues which will shape its future as a regional, economic and political entity. In this book Loukas Tsoukalis writes for any reader interested in the key democratic choices facing Europe’s citizens. European integration is not a politically neutral process. There are key democratic choices to be made about trade-offs between efficiency, equity, and stability; productivity and a cleaner environment; integration and diversity; rule by experts and elected representatives in the management of the single market and the euro; the degree and kind of solidarity across boundaries; the geographical limits of Europe’s fledgling common identity; the export of peace and stability to the near abroad and beyond; and the defence of common values and interests in a world where the ascendancy of markets and the highly unequal distribution of political power increasingly challenge those features that still make Europe distinct from other regions of the world.

Title What kind of Europe?
Author Loukas Tsoukalis
Edition Oxford University Press, 2005