ELIAMEP’s Working Paper no 8 by Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, ELIAMEP’ s Research Fellow and Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Bilkent University, aims to examine the Turkish foreign policy under the AKP administration, which has been associated with the name of Ahmet Davutoğlu. Davutoğlu was the chief foreign policy advisor of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before he was appointed foreign minister in 1009. As an academic, he has outlined his foreign policy doctrine in several writings, most important of which is his book “Strategic Depth.”

This study, the first in the context of ELIAMEP’s Middle Eastern Studies Programme, explores Davutoğlu’s strategic vision and Turkey’s policies vis-à-vis various neighbouring countries. The author argues that there are two contradictions which might undermine the ‘Davutoglu doctrine’s’ successful implementation. First, by distancing itself from the West on the question of Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Turkey undertakes a considerable risk. Second, there is a serious contradiction in relegating Turkey’s EU membership ambition to simply one of Turkish strategic priorities.

Title The Davutoğlu Doctrine and Turkish Foreign Policy
Author loannis N. Grigoriadis
Edition WPO8, April 2010