Forum on new Security Issues

In the summer 2002 ELIAMEP launched, with the support of the German Marshall Fund of the US the project Forum on New Security Issues (FONSI): Shared Interests and Values Between Southeast Europe (SEE) and the Transatlantic Community.

Within the framework of this project ELIAMEP is seeking: (a) to establish a regular forum for dialogue and for building mutual understanding and a consensus of approach among influentials from the US, the EU and SEE. (b) To disseminate the results of the workshops to policy makers and opinion leaders in ways that can be helpful in formulating effective policies for SEE.

Project objective

The project has been designed to produce networks among influential representatives from the policy making community, administrative officials, parliamentarians, public opinion leaders, business individuals, academics, NGO representatives from Western Europe, SEE, the US and international organization officers. More importantly, the project focuses on disseminating the results by presenting the findings of the different workshops to policy makers and opinion makers.

The objective is to contribute to co-ordination of policy regarding interrelated, traditional and non-traditional security threats in SEE by providing a regular forum for:

  • A comprehensive discussion and analysis of traditional and non-traditional security challenges.
  • The discussion of common security goals between the US, the EU and Southeast Europe.
  • The exchange of updated information regarding responses to traditional and non-traditional security threats.
  • The formulation of comprehensive policy recommendations to address traditional and non-traditional security challenges.

Through the forum meetings, but also through the dissemination of its published conclusions and recommendations to governments, selected non-governmental public policy institutions in the US, Western Europe and Southeastern Europe as well as international organizations active in the region, our project will endeavor to have a wider impact on thinking and shaping policies and actions leading to sure-footed transition of SEE to stability and security, prerequisites for its integration into the transatlantic community.

Project funded by the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Duration: 2002-
Project Co-ordinator: ELIAMEP

Contact Persons: Professor Theodore Couloumbis, Director General, ELIAMEP
Ms. Elizabeth Phocas, Deputy Director, ELIAMEP