ELIAMEP has become actively involved with the Policy Network in London and the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science in the project “An EU ‘fit for purpose’ in a global age”.

The projects focus is on four research and policy clusters:

• Enlargement, neighbourhood and identity
• Internal security and migration
• Economic governance in the single market and eurozone
• Competitiveness, sustainability (demographic as well as environmental) and social cohesion

In each of these clusters, the project address the following questions:

• Is it a valid assumption that current economic, social and cultural trends demand a new, more coherent and consistent EU policy framework?
• What are the “pros” and “cons” of further EU integration in the respective areas?
• What are the critical policy choices to be made, reflecting a political judgement of where policy progress may be possible?
• What is the degree of convergence of interests and values within the EU in these areas and are differences the product of inter-country or partisan divisions?
• Would it be possible to justify further steps in EU integration to the European public? And if so, how might their legitimacy be enhanced?

Through a series of seminars in different European countries, including Greece, two high-profile conferences in London and Brussels, and the participation of leading European academics and politicians, this initiative will lead to a collective volume of policy papers on a wide range of EU policy choices post-2009.

For more information visit the Policy Network Website