ELIAMEP’s experts and associates have been following and analysing events in the wake of the 7 October Hamas attack on Israel, both in Gaza and in the wider Middle East.

“I fail to see how a technocrat will be able to inspire the Palestinian Authority” – Gabriel Haritos, 27.03.2024, Naftemporiki TV

Wars and Religion – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 22.03.2024, TA NEA

The humanitarian corridor and Israeli-Hamas agendas – Gabriel Haritos, 11.03.2024, ERT News

The problem is that there is no escape route for Israel either – Maria Gavouneli, 07.03.2024, ERT News

The ambitious project of administering post-war Gaza – Gabriel Haritos, 03.03.2024, Kathimerini

Will the Gaza crisis cause a new energy crisis? – Marika Karagianni, 29.02.2024, Proto Programma

Gaza at a critical turning point – Katerina Sokou, 28.02.2024, Kathimerini

“Netanyahu still holds the key to events” – Panayotis Tsakonas, 26.02.2024, Proto Programma

“The massacre of October 7 cannot be solved with multiple revenge” – Loukas Tsoukalis, 23.02.2024, Proto Programma

What are the chances of the Biden formula for Palestine happening? – Gabriel Haritos, 18.02.2024, Kathimerini

Will Sudan fall into the Iranian arms? – Gabriel Haritos, 14.02.2024, Kathimerini

“No internal court until today had gone into the process of interpreting the Geneva Conventions” – Maria Gavouneli, 14.02.2024, Al Jazeera

“The US Presidential Elections are the catalyst for how far the war will go” – Gabriel Haritos, 09.02.2024, Athens News Agency 104,9

Netanyahu and the Washington front – Gabriel Haritos, 04.02.2024, Kathimerini

The veiled mysteries of naval tensions at the Red Sea – Efthymios Papastavridis, 30.01.2024, ELIAMEP podcasts

Why the ICJ decision brought relief to Israel – Gabriel Haritos, 30.01.2024, Kathimerini

The situation in Gaza exceeds the limits of a humanitarian tragedy – Loukas Tsoukalis, 23.01.2024, Proto Programma

On the right side of history? – Pantelis Ikonomou, 19.01.2024, ELIAMEP Podcasts

The “Netanyahu era” continues, despite powerful criticism – Gabriel Haritos, 17.01.2024, Kathimerini

Geography and circumstances unite and divide Gaza and Cyprus – Gabriel Haritos, 9.1.2024, Kathimerini

How likely is it that the war will spread to Lebanon? – Gabriel Haritos, 6.1.2024, Kathimerini

The Cypriot humanitarian initiative for Gaza – Gabriel Haritos, 31.12.2023, BBC World News Service

The Mediterranean is on fire – Dimitris Kourkoulas, 30.12.2023, TA NEA

Israel in a war of multiple challenges – Gabriel Haritos, 30.12.2023, Huffington Post

“If the Bab el-Mandeb straits are closed, that puts us back in 1868” – Gabriel Haritos,  19.12.2023, Athina 9,84

The exiled Hamas leadership and the Algerian way out – Gabriel Haritos, 17.12.2023, Kathimerini

Silent rearrangements in the shadow of war – Gabriel Haritos, 10.12.2023, Kathimerini

The role of the Houthis and the gas corridors – Gabriel Haritos, 05.12.2023, Energymag

Cyprus – Qatar: the opportunities of a multifaceted relationship – Gabriel Haritos, 03.12.2023, Kathimerini

We have at the same time an intensification of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 01.12.2023, Proto Programma

Diaspora communities’ resilience against radicalization – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 26.11.2023, Kathimerini

Relations in the shadow of the Middle East – Panayotis Tsakonas, 26.11.2023, TO VIMA

Emerging nuclear dilemma, BRICS, Gaza – Pantelis Ikonomou, 26.11.2023, Kathimerini

How we reached the ceasefire agreement – Panayotis Tsakonas, 24.11.2023, Action 24

“We are in the middle of a chaos with an unpredictable end” – Pantelis Ikonomou, 23.11.2023, ERT

What Turkey wants to get out of Gaza – Ronald Meinardus, 23.11.2023, ERT

From Oslo to the Israel-Hamas War – Yezid Sayigh, 16.11.2023, ELIAMEP podcast

“Israel is under military, political and moral pressure” – Panayotis Tsakonas, 15.11.2023, Action 24

Why is the war in Gaza casting a shadow over Dubai? – Emmanuella Doussis, 15.11.2023, Kathimerini

“Israel holds the key to the situation” – Panayotis Tsakonas, 14.11.2023, Sigma News

Can Israel afford to lose Egypt?– Gabriel Haritos, 13.11.2023, Kathimerini

The defeat of phobia – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 13.11.2023, TA NEA

The war in Gaza and Greek-Turkish relations: Erdogan’s balancing act – Ronald Meinardus, 13.11.2023, Kathimerini

US-Turkish relations in a new strait – Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, 11.11.2023, To Vima

Gaza: November 11 is a “barometer” day for the generalization of war – Gabriel Haritos, 10.11.2023, Kathimerini

The war in Gaza and Greek-Turkish relations – Ronald Meinardus, 10.11.2023, Deutsche Welle

The way in which Israel is proceeding does not bode well – Panayotis Tsakonas, 09.11.2023, ERT

Plan to transfer Gaza’s wounded to floating and open-air hospitals – Gabriel Haritos, 07.11.2023, Proto Programma

Ten (inconvenient) truths about Israel and Hamas – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 07.11.2023, TA NEA

Greek Foreign Policy towards International and Regional Uncertainties – Loukas Tsoukalis, 07.11.2023, Conference, KYKLOS IDEON

“The situation cannot be resolved without a political agreement” – Maria Gavouneli, 06.11.2023, ERT

The Course of the Israel-Hamas Conflict through Known and Unknown Factors – Thanasis Manis, 06.11.2023, ΤΑ ΝΕΑ

“Let us not become victims of the logic of real politik” – Loukas Tsoukalis, 06.11.2023, Proto Programma

“Israel-Turkey relations are at ground zero” – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 05.11.2023, Proto Programma

Which side of history do we choose to be on? – Loukas Tsoukalis, 04.11.2023, TA NEA

Scenarios for the next day – Maria Gavouneli, 04.11.2023, TA NEA

Turkish Diplomatic Initiatives and the Burden of the Islamic Brotherhood – Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, 04.11.2023, TA NEA

Israel – Turkey: A hostile friendship – Gabriel Haritos, 04.11.2023, Deutsche Welle

The hour of war and the next day – Katerina Sokou, 01.11.2023, Kathimerini

Why Greece should have voted Yes to the UN – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 31.10.2023, TA NEA

“We are at the stage of further escalation” – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 29.10.2023, Parapolitika radio

“Neither side wants to be blamed for a disaster in bilateral relations” – Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, 27.10.2023, Proto Programma

“The strategic importance of Greece is highlighted” – Katerina Sokou, 26.10.2023, ERT

Anti-Semitism: stereotypes and myths – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 25.10.2023, ELIAMEP podcast

The sense of security has collapsed – Gabriel Haritos, 24.10.2023, ERT News

Mitsotakis’ visit to Israel and the responsibility of the West – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 24.10.2023, TA NEA

Aims and objectives of the Cairo Conference – Gabriel Haritos, 23.10.2023, Kathimerini

“Israel puts the operational burden on the release of hostages” – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 23.10.23, Proto Programma

Middle East: Hamas’ tactical manoeuvre upgrades the Cairo conference – Gabriel Haritos, 22.10.2023, Kathimerini

The Israel-Hamas conflict and the relationship between Turkey and the West – Thanasis Manis, 22.10.2023, To Vima

The Palestinian issue and Islamist terrorism – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 22.10.2023, Kathimerini

Middle East: Television in the shelters – Gabriel Haritos, 21.10.2023, Kathimerini

Turkey and the Gaza crisis – Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, 21.10.2023, TA NEA

Risk of internal turmoil in the Arab world – Gabriel Haritos, 20.10.2023

Why the two-state solution failed and the unknown future – George Tzogopoulos, 20.10.2023

Global concern for a new cycle of violence – Maria Gavouneli, 20.10.2023

European chaos for the Middle East – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 19.10.2023, TA NEA

“This is war, this is the horror of war” – George Tzogopoulos, 18.10.2023

The diplomatic front looks bleak after the deadly hospital attack in Gaza – Gabriel Haritos, 18.10.2023

“We are likely to see more terrorist attacks” – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 17.10.2023

“Without a comprehensive solution and settlement, the problem will get worse” – Alexandros Diakopoulos, 17.10.2023

Hamas plays the psychological warfare card – Gabriel Haritos, 17.10.2023

A flurry of diplomacy by Lebanon, the US and the EU – Gabriel Haritos, 17.10.2023

Israel is concerned about a possible “third front” of rocket launches – Gabriel Haritos, 16.10.2023

The communist village and the view across the divide – Gabriel Haritos, 15.10.2023

The ground offensive in Gaza and diplomatic developments – Gabriel Haritos, 15.10.2023

Four observations on the energy sector – George Tzogopoulos, 14.10.2023

The illusion of power – Alexandros Diakopoulos, 14.10.2023

And now what? – Maria Gavouneli, 14.10.2023

Revenge is not always the best counsel – Loukas Tsoukalis, 14.10.2023

Can a policy of “equal” distances ever be equal? – Gabriel Haritos, 12.10.2023

“The root of the Palestinian problem must be addressed” – Loukas Tsoukalis, 12.10.2023

“Key” for the next day are the conditions for the formation of a government of national unity in Israel – Gabriel Haritos, 11.10.2023

The solution is a Palestinian state – Panayiotis Ioakimidis, 11.10.2023

How did we get to October 7? – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 11.10.2023

“The ever worsening situation will have consequences for Greece, too” – Triantafyllos Karatrantos, 10.10.2023

“The tragedy did not start on Saturday, it is a tragedy that lasts for decades” – Loukas Tsoukalis, 10.10.2023

Why did Hamas choose this particular moment to attack Israel?– Gabriel Haritos, 9.10.2023

The impact of the Israel-Palestine war on the Eastern Mediterranean – Nikolaos Lampas, 9.10.2023

The thorn that is the Palestinian issue – George Tzogopoulos, 9.10.2023

Why Hamas struck now? – Gabriel Haritos, 8.10.2023

Egypt and its role in the war – Gabriel Haritos, 8.10.2023

“Israel finds itself in an unprecedented situation” – Gabriel Haritos, 8.10.2023

Will the attack on Israel impact Greece? – Triandafyllos Karatrantos, 8.10.2023

We live in the age of the unthinkable – Alexandros Diakopoulos, 8.10.2023

“Hamas could have carried out the attack with the help of allies, such as Iran” – George Tzogopoulos, 7.10.2023