The recent terrorist attacks in France and Austria and the political and legislative initiatives to address Islamist radicalization have sparked a lively public debate in Europe. In this context, the debate has extended to the successful or unsuccessful integration of Muslim immigrants, but also to the evaluation of multicultural policies.
How can respect for different religions coexist today with freedom of expression, Islam with the secular state? Have the policies of integration and integration of Muslim immigrants failed? What are the factors favoring Islamist radicalization in European societies? Is moderate Islam an ally in the fight against Islamist terrorism? What prevention and cooperation policies with Muslim communities can be effective?


Roza Vasilaki, Researcher, ELIAMEP / Instructor, College Year in Athens (CYA)
Manos Karagiannis, Associate Professor of International Security, King’s College London & University of Macedonia
Panagis Panagiotopoulos, Assistant Professor of Sociology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Nikolas Sevastakis, Professor of Political Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The discussion is moderated by Odin Linardatou, Communication Manager, ELIAMEP