In his latest article in Ta Nea, Weekend edition, Loukas Tsoukalis discusses student mobilizations in US and increasingly so in European universities. He argues that sensitivity to violence and human rights cannot be one-sided or simply subordinated to the harsh logic of Realpolitik. He adds ‘History teaches that the violence of today breeds the militants of tomorrow’. 

He focusses on the collateral consequences of the war in Gaza: The Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode; the West stands accused of double standards in the way it has dealt with the wars in Ukraine and Gaza; the chances of President Biden losing the November elections may increase unless he distances himself more from the Netanyahu government; democracy and freedom of speech are being directly affected. 

Loukas Tsoukalis concludes: ‘When the geopolitical tectonic plates are shifting violently and societies become dangerously polarized, it only takes one small spark to set the world alight. And the war in Gaza is no mere spark. In circumstances such as these today, the silence of the many is dangerous, if not outright criminal’.

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