“Europe’s attempt to achieve strategic autonomy, expressed by President Macron and adopted by the EU, was created amidst the global disorder the Trump Presidency brought about. The global departure of the United States, China’s readiness to step in, and the ensuing global polarization. A Middle East and North Africa that breed wars, disaster and waves of desperate refugees seeking asylum in Europe, heightening internal divisions. All these, and their legacy, feed into the strategy of strategic autonomy, while simultaneously sharply highlighting the importance of Euro-Atlantic unity. The EU has fought to establish the necessary preconditions: an ambitious budget with common debt, that transfers funds to the most vulnerable economies, protects workers and businesses from the crisis, invests in digital reform and green development. Enhanced global autonomy for the euro. A European defense fund, steps towards organized defense cooperation. The EU has done much. But not enough,” writes George Pagoulatos in his article for Kathimerini.

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