On the occasion of the EU – Western Balkans Summit in Tirana, as well as the separate meeting of the two prime ministers on its sidelines, Celik Rruplli and Alexandra Voudouri write about the expectations created by the first visit in 13 years of a Greek prime minister to the neighbouring country and also about the need for both sides to further strengthen the bilateral relations.

The article is underlining– inter alia – that the two governments should from now on follow the two peoples, who have developed a good relationship in recent years and even cites for this reason, specific data from the recent public opinion survey conducted by ELIAMEP showing that both Albanian immigrants in Greece and the Greek minority in Albania are “bridges” between the two countries.

This is an opinion article, in the context of the research program ALGREE: ALGREE Albania/Greece Understanding Connecting Partnership, the first media report of which will be published by these researchers in early January.

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