Ana Krstinovska contributed with her article “China and North Macedonia – the everappealing but never-fulfilling expectation” to the Policy Paper “China and North Macedonia: an ever-appealing but never-fulfilling expectation”. The publication offers interesting answers to the following questions:
  • why the SEE region – and the Western Balkans in particular attracts the vast majority of Chinese loans;
  • why the SEE region appears to be largely out of step with the disillusionment with China in other parts of Europe and the deterioration of China’s image on a global scale;
  • whether in the systemic rivalry between liberal democracies and authoritarian state capitalism the majority of SEE countries feel more at ease with the latter than the former;
  • what patterns can be established for the manifestation of China’s “secret charm” in the SEE region;
  • what would the possible recipe – or recipes – be for an effective response of the liberal world to this secret charm?
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