This paper analyzes the role that the House of Representatives (Vouli ton Andiprosopon) of the Republic of Cyprus has played since 1974 with regards to the Cyprus Problem. The paper argues that the Vouli has played an increasingly important role in the diplomacy of the Island. A number of factors explain such a development: the small size of the Island, its presidential system, and, the existence of a unique arrangement called the Ethniko Symvoulio (National Council) which includes representatives of all political parties represented in the Vouli. The role of the Vouli has been even further reinforced following the 1990 decision to apply for EU membership and the beginning of accession negotiations in March 1998 as other parliaments, this time the European Parliament and the national parliaments of the EU member states, are more involved with, and will participate in, the ratification process of the next EU enlargement.

Title The Cyprus Problem and Cyprus’ Accession to the EU: The role of the Cypriot House of Representatives (Vouli)
Author Stelios Stavridis
Edition WP02.005, 2002