Volume 14, Issue 1 of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies deals with significant issues such as human rights activism and transitional justice in the post-communist world, discussed by Brian Grodsky, the EU’s transformative power and the role of Turkish civil society in a piece by Selcen Öner, citizenship policies in Montenegro by Jelena Dzankic, EU accession and party competition in post-communist Romania analysed by Cristina Chiva, Europeanization among Moldavian immigrants by Silvia Marcu and the role of academics in Turkey’s politics, written by Yunus Emre. The issue includes reviews by Ada Dialla of Internal colonization: Russia’s imperial experience by Alexander Etkind, Ioannis N. Grigoriadis of The constitutional system of Turkey: 1876 to present by Ergun Özbudum and Dimitris Livanios of State nationalisms in the Ottoman Empire, Greece and Turkey. Orthodox and Muslims, 1830–1945 edited by Benjamin Fortna, Stefanos Katsikas, Dimitris Kamouzis & Paraskevas Konortas.