Volume 13, Issue 3 of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies is now available. This issue includes a special section entitled ‘Sustaining engagement? On symmetries and asymmetries in Greek–Turkish relations,’ introduced and edited by Nora Fisher Onar & Othon Anastasakis. Within this section, Kristin Fabbe looks at the historical legacy of state consolidation in terms of religious pluralism in both states, Konstantinos Tsitselikis critically examines immigration and rights, with a focus on Greece and open areas for cooperation, Dimitrios Gkintidis writes on elite representations of Greek-Turkish relations in the border region of Evros, while Nora Fisher Onar & Max Watson discuss the role of Greece and Turkey in the political economy of Southeast Europe in our current decade. Volume 3 also includes three articles on Turkey, by Sinem Akgul Acikmese on EU conditionality and the desecuritisation nexus, by Faidon Zaras on institutional change and the limits of Europeanisation in light of other factors, and by Özge Zihnioğlu on the effectiveness of the EU’s ‘Civil Society Policy’ for promoting democracy. Furthermore, Zhidas Daskalovski discusses census taking and inter-ethnic relations in FYROM and Vahram Ter-Matevosyan examines Georgia and Azerbaijan’s procesess of framing national security objectives. Finally, the issue includes reviews written by Bernard Adams, Eleftheria MantaDionysios Chourchoulis, Nikos Apostolopoulos, and Arolda Elbasani.