Eurobarometer and other opinion polls at the national or European level show that Europeans are increasingly concerned not only about economic security (level of unemployment, social benefits), social cohesion and identity issues, political radicalization, and the rise of extremist and/or anti-establishment political parties, but also about physical security (external and internal).

The need for success stories at the EU level is stronger than ever. As mentioned in a recent study, “the focus must be on those game changing areas that matter most to European citizens or where they most agree that European action is needed and where member states cannot, can no longer or do not wish to deliver alone”.

This paper presents the perceptions of European citizens, as well as the views of experts and decision-makers on risks to European security. It provides a concise, broad overview of the main threats to European security, as well as steps and initiatives that could be undertaken at the European level for dealing with those threats.

You may find the full Working Paper, here