Research and innovation are important instruments for the development, particularly through international cooperation. During the last five years, Greece is facing a very acute problem of brain drain. Policies for retaining the highly skilled are imperative; equally imperative is policy planning for capitalising on highly skilled Greeks already abroad. The first proposal of this working paper is about the integration of research and innovation into the political planning of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs; further development of international cooperation schemes will be beneficial for the Greek research community. The second proposal is about establishing a Diaspora Knowledge Network, in order to capitalise on the Greek scientific diaspora. Good practices of other states are adjusted to Greek needs, with the aim of facilitating sustainable and efficient brain circulation and benefiting all stakeholders. In this way, Greek scientists and researchers abroad will be able to connect with the Greek research and innovation ecosystem, either directly, or through international cooperation with their institutions. The purpose will be to increase investments in research and innovation and the efficient use of NSRF/EU funds.

Author: Dr Sarantis Kougiou

Policy Paper No. 25: The international cooperation in research and innovation with the support of the Greek Diaspora: Transforming ‘brain drain’ into ‘brain gain