anna2The book Circular Migration between Europe and its Neighbourhoud: Choice or Necessity? edited by Professor Anna Triandafyllidou is available by Oxford University Press. This book studies the realities of circular migration on the ground by empirical analysis of seven pairs of countries: Greece-Albania, Italy-Albania; Italy-Morocco, Spain-Morocco; and Poland-Ukraine, Hungary-Ukraine, Italy-Ukraine. The book provides for a comparative and in depth analysis of circular migration between EU member states and countries in the EU’s neighbourhood. It discusses critically the idea that circular migration is a triple-win situation (for migrants, states of origin, and destination countries) and looks at how relevant policies, migration statuses, labour markets, and other factors influence migrants’ circulation. It poses and responds to the question whether circularity is a choice that brings higher economic and social or cultural gains than classical migration, or a necessity, a creative but not desirable strategy that migrants adopt in the absence of other options.

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