On Tuesday, 8 November  2011, the Society for Hellenic-Iranian Studies (SHIS) in collaboration with The Benaki Museum organised the book release of ELIAMEP’s research fellow Dr. Evangelos Venetis’s monograph on The Greeks in Modern Iran (Athens: Poreia Publications), Graeco-Iranica Series 1, ISBN: 978-960-7498-85-1 at. The event was organised at the Benaki museums The discussion panel consisted of Dr. Helen Philon, Perso-Islamic Art Historian, Athens; Elli Antoniades, Former President of the Greek Community of Tehran, Athens; Georgios Kapopoulos, Journalist, ERT, Imerisia Newspaper, Athens; and Dr. Evangelos Venetis, Author, The Society for Hellenic-Iranian Studies, Hellenic Institute for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP). The event was coordinated by Aris Livadas, legal Advisor to the Society for Hellenic-Iranian Studies.