The book Aftermath of the Ukrainian Crisis edited by Dr Panagiota Manoli, Assitant Professor Panagiota Manoli, Head of the Programme of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies of ELIAMEP  was published by Routledge. The book has contributions by Hanna Shelest, Theodoros Tsakiris, Nadia Alexandrova-Arbatova, Alexey Gromyko, Sharyl Cross, Steven Blockmans and Ino Afentouli. Contributions in this edited volume attempt to address a number of key aspects of the Ukrainian issue. How does the crisis impact upon Black Sea geopolitics and on regional governance? How can EU – Russia relations evolve under the new multipolar system? How is NATO affected? How important is the energy parameter in Russia-Ukraine-EU triangle? This edited volume aims to discloses the diverse narratives on the roots, evolution and repercussions of the crisis, indicating the extent of its complexity and highlighting important parameters of the Ukrainian issue. This book was originally published as a special issue of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies.

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