This report was compiled as a part of the project “Towards Democratic and Inclusive Europe: EP Elections and Active Citizens’ Participation and Contribution” (EUact2) which aims to:

  • engage, connect and empower EU citizens especially young people;
  • ensure the sustainability of activism and public participation in European policymaking;
  • contribute to an open, rights-based, democratic, equal and inclusive Union premised on the rule of law.

This publication provides insight into the perceptions of young people living in four EU countries (Austria, Greece, Ireland and Slovakia) with respect to democracy, democratic forms of participation, citizen activism and the future of the EU. As they are potential new leaders who will contribute to crafting EU society in the future, it is important to glean the voices of young Europeans to evaluate current strategies and policies. It is also necessary to assess the need to enact changes and/or create new tools to more impactfully and consistently engage young people. Now less than a year away from the next European Parliament (EP) elections, gauging citizen attitudes can provide a foundation for understanding possible trends regarding European (dis)integration developments in the near future.

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