The MEDIADELCOM project has published its case study reports.

The first country case study report describes the research, data and monitoring capabilities in the countries covered by the project vis-à-vis risks to, and opportunities for, deliberative communication through the media across the domains over the period 2000-2020: law and ethics, journalism, media usage, and media-related competences. The first case study report for Greece, titled «Greece: Risks and opportunities related to media and journalism studies (2000-2020). Case study on national research and monitoring capabilities», is available here.

The second country case study report to identify risks ad opportunities for deliberative communication in Greece and to flag critical junctures in the development of the media between 2000 and 2020 across the four domains covered by the MEDIADELCOM project. The second case study report for Greece, titled «Greece: Critical junctures in the media transformation process», is available here.