Professor Loukas Tsoukalis’ latest book includes sixty short articles on a wide range of subjects. It starts with the uncertain adaptation of Greece in response to a constantly changing world, a conservative society and a political system which has reached its limits: signs of a deepening crisis. One of the themes in the book is the political choices of a Europe that doesn’t know yet what she is and what she wants to become when she grows up. We live the end of an era in political, economical and ideological terms. Finally, markets are not auto-regulated, truth is not uni-dimensional and for sure one superpower is not enough to give its original interpretation, and also to impose it. However, who can predict the new era in a more complex world with many sources of instability and vague rules?

Title And what if we came out of our shell?
Author Loukas Tsoukalis
Edition Papazisis, 2009