This report for the DEMOS (Democratic Efficacy and the Varieties of Populism in Europe) project aims to propose to the project scholars that come from a variety of disciplines, a shared, yet quite ample and open, conceptualization of populism, so as to cover the wide variety of populist phenomena in today’s Europe in comparative perspective, and to elaborate on an analytical framework for studying its varieties, drawing on theoretical and empirical accounts of both European and Latin-American populisms.


 Author(s): Dimitri A. Sotiropoulos (ELIAMEP), Manos Tsatsanis (ELIAMEP) and Peter Učeň (SKAMBA)
Last editor: Zsolt Boda (CSS)
Contributors: Jose Andreu (UB), Attila Bartha (CSS), Sam Bennett (AMU), Zsolt Boda (CSS), Artur Lipiński (AMU), Marcoantonio Simonelli (UB), Andrej Skolkay (SKAMBA)