The historical complexity and volatility of EU-Turkey relations are reflected by research and teaching in this field. There are international research projects as well as many smaller and nationally funded studies and projects dealing with Turkey, including its relationship with the EU. Linking these different projects, diffusing knowledge on the European Integration process and exploiting synergies between international players constitutes real added-value for European Integration studies.

Coordinated by Prof Wolfgang Wessels and Dr Funda Tekin at CETEUS, University of Cologne, the Jean Monnet Network VIADUCT was launched on 1st September 2017 and will run for a period of three years till 31st August 2020.

To this end, VIADUCT builds a large network with 40 partner institutions and one extended network partner from 36 countries. Represented in every EU member state, Turkey and the neighbourhood, VIADUCT is extending its outreach in research and teaching beyond the EU.

The Challenge faced by the VIADUCT Partners are the EU Turkey relations as a moving target. On the one hand Turkey is seen as a “key strategic partner for the EU”, on the other hand several interconnected crises are profoundly affecting EU–Turkey relations.

VIADUCT’s objective is, hence, to promote research, teaching and policy dialogue on EU-Turkey relations.


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