ELIAMEP’s Energy and Geopolitics Programme is the only systematic attempt among Greek think-tanks to study exclusively the interdependence between the operation of oil & gas industry and the conduct energy security policy & diplomacy. Its principal objective is to highlight the significance of a comprehensive energy strategy for the nation’s security, its foreign relations and its economic development while underlying the importance of energy corporations and the potential of public, private partnerships. The Programme’s Research is conducted in both English and Greek and is focused on four main areas:

(i) The Caspian and Black Sea region with a special emphasis on the transportation of oil & gas resources from Central Asia and the Middle East to Europe
(ii) The exploration, production and export of hydrocarbon resources from the Eastern Mediterranean and particularly Cyprus and Israel
(iii) The development of Greek Oil Exploration and Production
(iv) The energy policy and diplomacy of Turkey
(v) The energy parameters of EU Foreign Policy
Apart from its monthly analyses and reports, the Programme is preparing specialized occasional papers and is organizing Chatham House rules conferences, seminars and workshops on issues of major significance for the national, regional and international energy policy, such as the privatization of HELPE/DEPA/DESFA, the imposition of international sanctions against Iran, the Greek upstream sector, and Israeli-Arab energy relations.