ELIAMEP participates in a new research project on EU-Turkey relations (FEUTURE) as part of a consortium of 15 universities and think tanks from the EU, Turkey and the neighbourhood. FEUTURE aims to:

  • map dynamics of E-Turkey relations in terms of underlying narratives and thematic drivers
  • substantiate a most likely future scenario(s) and assess its implications
  • draw policy recommendations for EU and Turkey.

ELIAMEP will be leading Work Package 6 on Migration Drivers and will be engaged in research in WPs on Economy, Security, Energy and Climate Change.

FEUTURE provides excellence by pursuing an ambitious, inspiring and innovative programme in a three-phased structure of elaboration, exploration and extrapolation. It applies an inter-temporal, inter-disciplinary and international approach by analyzing drivers within six thematic dimensions (politics, security, economics, energy, migration, identity) and across four levels of analysis (EU, Turkey, neighbourhood, global). The elaboration and exploration phases of the project culminate in an extrapolation phase in which FEUTURE integrates new knowledge by substantiating and testing the implications of three ideal-type future scenarios for EU-Turkey relations: conflict, cooperation and convergence.


Panagiota Manoli (Research Coordinator; WP Security, Economy). Email: [email protected]

Angeliki Dimitriadi (WP Leader; WP Migration). Email: [email protected]

Thanos Dokos (WP Security). Email: [email protected]

Theodoros Tsakiris (WP Energy and Climate Change). Email: [email protected]

Funding:                                  EU – Horizon 2020. Total: €2,500,895.63

Duration:                                 2016-2019

Project’s Site:                          http://www.feuture.eu/

Facebook:                                www.facebook.com/feuture.eu

Twitter:                                     @FEUTURE_EU


More on the Project at  http://www.feuture.eu/

 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 692976