Description: The research project was grounded within existing frameworks for understanding migrant journeys and transit, secondary, mixed and irregular migration including the political and policy contexts within which this migration takes place. At the same time, it explored the structural determinants of migration at the meso-level, focusing on both the opportunities and constraints that shape migration (migration environment, social networks and information flows). This multi-layered comparative approach enabled the analysis of the complex and dynamic forces that underpin the very rapid changes in migration patterns being seen in the Mediterranean region.

Project partners:
• Coventry University, UK (Coordinator);
• University of Oxford, UK;
• University of Birmingham, UK;
• Yasar University, Turkey;
• Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), Greece;
• International and European Forum of Migration Research (FIERI), Italy;
• The People for Change Foundation, Malta.

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