The ‘Ariane Condellis’ European Programme of ELIAMEP organizes and coordinates ELIAMEP’s activities and programmes related to the European Union. The Programme focuses on the institutional and political developments in Europe, being the central hub of ELIAMEP’s activities regarding the European integration process.

The main objective of the Programme is the enrichment of citizens’ understanding of the evolving European integration process. This objective is pursued by means of active involvement and engagement of citizens in activities that fertilize the domestic and European public dialogue and contribute to the increased interaction between the European institutions and citizens.

The organized activities comprise training seminars, citizens panels, public debates, Agoras and deliberations with policy-makers and experts on various aspects of the integration process. Furthermore, focused academic workshops and conferences are organized to explore and better understand the political and economic dynamics that shape the EU.

One of the main activities of the Programme is the establishment and coordination of the EUYouthHub (, an autonomous group of young citizens that provides a forum for regular discussion of European issues. It aims to familiarise young people with organized deliberation processes and enhance their participation in the public dialogue.

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